Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happie together 4 month...

so long din upload mai blog wif mai new life...haha..2day is me 4 month together wif mai boy(muhammad khairul akmal bin muhammad nashri yong)..but kenot celebrate wif him oso..coz he bz study...=( celebrate on 24 of dec..haha...c him soon...mis him so much...gtg..ciaoz...

Friday, July 24, 2009

skul day..

2day pui han at clas ajak feiz,chuan yi,ken min,fai khean,chun wai,chun peng n shankara almost whole class de chinese boy go watch land of the lost..den after skul we go home bath...den i kenot find ppl fetch me go pyramid den no choice nid to sit his car again..wen get in his car he call me XXX again...deng him abit bu shuang d..den reach pyramid i go find feiz they all..den i follow feiz they all go da gei leave pui han,her boy n chuan yi at there buy ticket...den pui han oni buy 2 cpl sit de ticket..din buy they all de ticket..coz no enuf ticket 4 they all d...den i ajak yu lun watch wif me..pui han leave they all at outside..xD..after in cinema i cum out find shankara coz his fon put at mai bag..den i saw they all like bu shuang d..den i walk bac to cinema n tel pui han bout tat...den pui han start msg they all..after the movie yu lun teman me go gasoline find guizai take bac mai lens..den pui han n her boy go find feiz they all..after take mai lens i go meet them..after meet them they say wan go home d..den me n chuan yi at there walk around until alan cum...after alan cum den we go ss14 de bistro meet pui han..sit until 9 sumthing den pui han boy say wan go bac d..after he go bac we go sunway find feiz yamcha coz pui han feel so soli about afternoon de thing..after yamcha we go pyramid fetch guizai go home..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

guizai birthday..

birthday boy2nite help guizai celebrate birthday again...around 1o sumthing su sean fetch jor kelvin oni cum fetch me den go fetch pui han...den we go bac su sean hse to put bac su sean car..den wait king hoong cum fetch us..den we go makmak celebrate guizai birthday..den sit until 11 sumthing choon yew cal su sean den guizai n su sean drive king hoong car go fetch choon yew...den sit until 12 sumthing we fetch su sean go home..den we at infront su sean hse take pic..
all of us.. sk4 "5 da tian wang sk 4 "5 da tian wang

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

skul day..

2day stay back support is c ppl basketball competition but raining so cancel d..den chun wai fetch me n chun peng go bus stop den put the car at there..den we 3 walk to silva find shankara,chuan yi,pui han n jia jian eat lunch..after eat lunch chun wai,chun peng n jia jian go kk help chun wai sis buy sumthing 4 chinese club jemu..den me,pui han n shankara walk bus stop there wait they cum den in chun wai car..all of us oso kena rain water all basah d..after chun wai sis giv teacher tat thing den go home d...but dunno who tel teacher tat chun wai sis they all din do anything just know to eat oni..den chun wai sis angry d..chun wai sis ask jia sheng is hu say de but jia sheng say dunno..den chun wai sis scold him until teacher can heard..den teacher campur tangan d..hoho..form 6 argue wif teacher..den puan chua say"hua ren da hua ren" wen they argue..xD.lucky they dunno puan chua say like tat..until they argue half i nid to go home d..kenot c d..haiz..ciaoz..

Monday, July 20, 2009

skul day..

2day so bored d..until last 2 period is moral den we ask teacher go pusat sumber to do math..den teacher say ok den we go pusat sumber do math..den i do math until curi take pic..haha..
ken min n fei lou hwa seng n ken min shankara n fai khean

Saturday, July 18, 2009


2day morning teman mummy go eat mak kut teh..after eat mummy send me go tuition..until 2 sumthing mummy cum fetch me go home bath..coz at night wan go bonodori..around 5 alan cum fetch me den go fetch pui han..after fetch pui han we go fetch xxx..6 sumthing we reach there den we go find mai nephew kit kit..after find him we at there walk walk den saw mai small baby nephew oso..until around 7 we feel bored d den we go mid valley watch say wan watch public enemies...den we buy 11.45pm de ticket..after buy ticket we go yam cha..den xxx say wan go ply game den we follow oni..after wait xxx ply game we go ply pool..^^...after tat is time for we in cinema le..tat movie damn bored lo...bored until pui han slp jor..haha..around 3 tat movie oni finish..sienz sei me..after watch movie alan feteh xxx go home 1st den me den until pui very tired d..ciaoz..
small baby nephewjapan gal kit kit n japan gal japan boy japan boyalanpui hanme

Friday, July 17, 2009

early celebrate guizai birthday..

at night me,ah chai,pui han n king hoong go ss15 neway help guizai celebrate birthday..